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Christian Geeks

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The purpose of this community is to bring geeks together for discussion on their favorite hobbies, as well as discussion on Christianity. We are aware that nerdy Christians aren't incredibly common, and are also aware that other Christian groups are usually very uptight and even look down upon some of our hobbies (especially Dungeons and Dragons). We basically exist for both the discussion of nerdy topics as well as intelligent discussion of religion and religious topics.

The rules to Christian Geeks are as follows:

1 - You do not need to be a Christian to be a member. Those that simply have nerdy tendencies or have an interest in the Christian religion may feel free to join if they wish. The only requirement is that you do not antagonize because you don't think Christianity is a valid belief system or whatever (or you happen to dislike geeks).

2 - Likewise, if you are a Christian, do not antagonize those that aren't. This community was not created to house assholes. If someone of a different religion joins they shouldn't be told that they're wrong.

3 - Everyone will have different perceptions of the meanings in the Bible. Everyone will also be of different denominations. If you disagree with someone's ideas on the religion and/or its beliefs, do not tell them they're wrong. Part of the reason this community exists is for interesting discussion, not arguments.

As for non-religion related rules:

1 - Feel free to post anything. Unless it's something horrible like goatse. But I don't think we should be having that problem.

2 - Just as the same with rule #3 of religion, be prepared for people to have different opinions than you in this community. It's alright to post your own opinion, but do not attack the other person. Again, discussion is always fun because it creates an exchange of ideas. Having the same opinion as everyone else is boring. But it's no fun if you decide to attack someone just because they don't think the same way you do.

And everything besides that should just be common sense. Also, be careful with your language. It's okay to let words slip once in a while. I mean, we are after all imperfect beings. However, do not cuss excessively and avoid crude language as often as possible. Occasional foul language is alright.

Note that though this community exists to bring together Christians with interests in geeky things, I do not expect even half of the discussion to have to do with religion. However, it's a good place to seek advice, voice your doubts, or just express ideas that you feel are uncommon or even unpopular. But primarily, if you want to post something such as a link to a trailer for a video game, feel free. If you want to find Christians in your area that play D&D, go ahead and post. Even if you don't post anything religious at all it doesn't matter. We're simply here because of similar interest and faith.