Misty (aurora_nebulosa) wrote in christian_geek,

Apologetics for the Resurrection

1) The majority if not all of the early Christian community had a strong moral bent, primarily because of Jesus' teachings. They wouldl then likely not have deceived their fellow Christians by taking the body etc. etc.

2) Thomas himelf doubted, according to the Scriptures, and Jesus showed him His wounds. Is it not unlikely that the look/feel of these wounds could be faked?

3) Paul says that, if Jesus was not raised from the dead, he would be making God a liar, essentially, by stating that He was raised.

Please feel free to include others you think of, or rebuttals (playing "devil's advocate", if you'll forgive the phrase), if you wish.

The only thing I admit I've always had issues with is that, apparently, Jesus appeared to some in forms where they couldn't recognize Him as Jesus. Could this have been other people acting as Jesus to, perhaps, play tricks on the disciples? Is there some other explanation either for or against the veracity of such appearances?
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