Misty (aurora_nebulosa) wrote in christian_geek,

All In The Mind

How do we apologetically defend against the following theory:

"The human mind is capable of doing many things and may be capable of doing more than ew realize if it believes it can do them, even if it does not know precisely how it can do them. One thing it may and may have been capable of is altering the very fabric of the cosmos, enabling us to perform the signs/wonders spoken of both in the Old and New Testaments. After all, Jesus said that, if we had the faith of a mustard-seed, we could move mountains and Jesus also often said that the person on whom a given healing was performed's faith is what healed him. But, there must be cooperation as we see in the instance when Jesus was unable to do many miracles in a particular town because of the lack of faith of those within it. Yet, our conscious minds do not wish to accept all this as such."
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